Annual CRC Teachers' Get Together

The Children's Resource Centers (CRC's) managed and maintained by the Youth Progressive foundation has completed 08 years. Approximately 500 children are studying in these centers. Major subjects taught at the centers are English Language and Communication Technology while Mathematics, Mother tongue (Sinhala and Tamil languages), Dancing, Music and Literacy Development are also taught as additional subjects. The 04 CRC's are situated in 04 districts in 3 provinces across the country. Students and teachers engaged in educational activities at these centers consist of Sri Lankans belonging to all ethnicities and all religions.

The annual teacher and staff get-together strengthens links between the CRCs while focusing on standardizing and improving teaching and administrative duties of the centres. Exchanging experiences, identifying administrative problems and finding and implementing better solutions for such problems are discussed at this forum in a friendly environment.

The main purpose of the gathering is to deliver the objectives of CRC's to the entire YPF membership and guide them towards these established goals. The teacher training session was a 2 day session with the participation of all teachers and management, accounts staff of the centres. Discussions revolved around the curriculum, planning activities for the year ahead, and updating reporting systems.