The Youth Progressive Front (YPF) along with its associate organizations has commenced several programmes to bring relief to the children adversely affected by the 30 year long civil war and the larger society in the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. Our focus is sustainable development of the society in economic and cultural spheres. The YPF has planned to source funds required for these activities from several donors and donor institutions. In response to the YPF call, 'Spice Island', an internationally reputed Sri Lankan institution, has come forward to assist us in these noble endeavors. 'Spice Island' is a world renowned producer of cultural beauty products using indigenous medicinal herbs. The institution is also a producer of environmental friendly personal care products. The company will provide avenues of income for the needy people of these provinces by growing and collecting the herbs needed for their productions. They will also set aside a quota from all the 'Spice Island' products for the educational development of the children in these areas. The 'Spice Island' sponsorship will encourage the expansion of YPF social service activities throughout the country.