Quite a lot of people have extended their support for our social development activities and the newly established CRC Centres. Some of them are ladies and gentlemen from overseas. Most of them provide assistance to our endeavours according to their means. Among them is a special person who spent her time and effort with us and also provided funds for our programmes. She's Wendy Haowie, who resides in London, UK. Her primary education was in Sri Lanka and she loves this country. She found out about YPF, their social development activities of the organization and the CRC Centres through her friends and relatives living in Sri Lanka. She arrived to Sri Lanka and joined us in our endeavours to uplift the socio-economic conditions of the needy. She offered her voluntary services to the children at the CRC Centres in remote areas taking special efforts to provide sustainable services to those disadvantaged children. She also provided an excellent project plan on behalf of us. She concentrated on educational development of the children as well as the economic development of their parents. Ms Haowie was able to provide a realistic economic development plan for them based on the mothers of the family. She represents us in the United Kingdom. She has brought new hopes for our activities in the coming decade.