Taking yet another step forward in expanding the services of Children Resources Centres nationally, a new CRC center was opened at Ulla, Arugam Bay in the District of Ampara. Affected by a near three decade long war, the people of this area were constantly worried about the future of their children. With the dawn of peace after the conclusion of the war, their greatest expectation is a better and secure future for their children. Since there was no development programmes for almost three decades, the educational facilities in the area are at a minimal level. The CRC programme was launched in the Eastern Province to parallel the state sponsored National Development Education Plan for the Eastern Province. Donors of the CRC programme will therefore be pleased to see their humane contributions are utilized to help the underprivileged children of this area. From its launch, the CRC centre at Ulla, Arugam-Bay provides assistance and care to more than 100 needy children of the area assuring a successful future for them. At the intitiation, the Centre commenced teaching computer literacy, information technology (IT) and English language skills. From analyzing our progress during a period of less than a month, the SOS children's programme has extended their support by providing educational assistance to teach several subjects including mathematics and science as well. We are happy to note that this Center was established in Arugam-Bay, because it is an area populated by Muslim, Sinhala and Tamil communities. They have been cohabitating peacefully throughout the past, and the work carried out by the CRC Centre is being appreciated by all three communities. The Centre is administered by a committee consisting of recognized civic leaders and parents from all communities. These destitute children are receiving a proper education and learning skills at the Centre making the people of the area happy and relieved.