Children of the Kataragama CRC commemorate Vesak grandly

Children of our Kataragama CRC focused their collective activities mainly to celebrate Vesak in a grand fashion in connection with the Vesak Sadaham Kalapa Programme. They conducted a Vesak lantern competition to commemorate the triple ceremonies of Lord Buddha. The children were divided into 03 'houses' competing among themselves in making lanterns, small pandols and conducting campaigns of alms and virtues. The chief incumbent of Kataragama CRC, Venerable Kirinde Rathanalankara thero, supervised the programmes implemented by the children.

On the 23rd of June free juices were distributed for the pilgrims by the children at the school's premises. It is an annual religious programme conducted by the children of the Hambanthota CRC with the participation of their parents to commemorate Vesak Poya.