Modern Information Technology Facilities granted by VITOL promotes inter-communal and inter-religiou

The Second phase of the project implemented through Children's Resource Centres managed by the Youth Progressive Front was to supply a computer system and equipment required to develop Children's and parents libraries. Accordingly a fully equipped computer system and accessories were supplied for the library project. These equipments were supplied to the CRC's at Arugam Bay, Eravur, Hambanthota and Kataragama successfully completing the second phase. Books for the libraries were selected by the parents committee appointed for the purpose. The members selected the books needed for them under the participatory rural approach methodology. All the equipment received for the second phase has been already distributed to the CRC's.

A modern computer complete with accessories were provided for all the CRC's under this scheme. Connection of inter CRC libraries will commence using the newly acquired technology. Children's and parents' library societies will be interconnected under this scheme promoting and enhancing inter-societal educational, cultural and economic activities.