The VITOL Library and IT/language lab Project of Children and Parents is launched

Children educated at the CRC's are from all three major communities in Sri Lanka namely, Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim. One of our objectives in establishing the CRC's was to foster inter-community harmony and inclusiveness through education. The newest programme planned to further this goal is funded by the Vitol Charitable Foundation in UK and involves the establishment of Parent and Children Library Societies and IT/Language labs connecting our 4 CRC centres.

Our aim is enhance the knowledge of the parents on all 3 national languages, use of IT and internet for research and communicating with other parents of CRC children from different regions, whilst carrying out our English and IT programmes for the children. We hope to develop socio-economical standards of the communities and establish an inclusive society in which all cultural, religious and social values are shared and appreciated. Program commenced in mid February with awareness programs for children and their parents at the 4 centres.