Arugam Bay is the base harbour for the fishing folk living in the area and the Arugam Bay beachfront is world famous for its beauty and it is considered as one of the best locations in the world for wind-surfing and water-skiing with many tourists visiting yearly.

However, the influx of the local and foreign tourists to the area poses a number of environmental concerns, littering being one of the biggest issues.

Owing to this, the CRC children have started a 'Lets protect our beautiful beachfront' programme. Together, they hope to change the worsening situation by educating their parents and the people of the area about the persistent problem and consequences of littering. They actively participate in volunteer beach cleaning programs and conduct awareness campaigns to educate the public with the participation of their parents and the locals. The children are also planning to form a 'Children's Collective Beach Protection Unit' to better consolidate their efforts in protecting and preserving their beachfront.

Mr. Sanjeewa Bandara, the Manager of the Eastern Province CRCs and voluntary member of national level environmental protection programmes, along with the rest of the CRC staff also assist the children in their commendable efforts.