The dawning of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year was celebrated by the children of the Ulla, Arugam-Bay CRC in a festive manner. The parents, who are extremely pleased with the services offered to their children by the CRC, raised the funds needed for the occasion.

The festival was held on the 22nd of April at the world famous Arugam-Bay beach front with the participation of thousands of people from the area. It was the first ever New Year celebration held by the centre, and was a great success not only with the children but also amongst the people of the area.

During the festival several traditional New Year sports and games were held for the children and the parents. Gifts and certificates were awarded to the winning teams. Meanwhile, at the Hambantota CRC, A children's get together was held on the 08th of April 2011 for the New Year. A discussion was held in relation to the traditions and games associated with Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Refreshments were served and at the end of the discussion and the children took pleasure in each other's company by singing together. The objective of the programme was teaching the children to respect each other's traditions as children belonging to Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities are studying together at the Centre.