Sponsorship of Cataract camp at Colombo Eye Hospital in partnership with AssistRR, UK

Vision 2020 Unit of the Ministry of Health has so far, diagnosed 6,000 patients in Colombo, who are in need of cataract surgery and in the waiting list to receive the lens and medical packs for the operation. Vision 2020 has signed a MoU with several leading private hospitals in Colombo to perform the surgery free, with donors who will supply the lens.

For the entire surgery, it costs less than Rs. 5,000 for a good quality collapsible lens and a pack, whereas it costs around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 in the private sector.

A UK-based engineer Dr. Velautham Sarveswaran (AssistRR, UK) with the assistance from the Youth Progressive Foundation of Colombo, arranged for 200 lenses for the Vision 2020 program, for surgery on the needy at the National Eye Hospital, Colombo on August 17th.