Arugam Bay student excels in Grade 5 National Scholarship Examinations

Sachini Hansika is the eldest daughter of a family of two living in Sinhapura village, Pottuwil, Arugam Bay. Her mother is a house wife and father is a Time Keeper employed by the Sri Lanka Transport Board. Sachini Hansika is in grade 6 at Sinhapura School, Arugam Bay. A bright student in the school she joined CRC Arugam Bay from the inauguration of the Centre in 2009. She has become an outstanding personality at the CRC. Studying with the objective of becoming a medical doctor she obtained 155 marks at the Grade 5 National Scholarship Examination becoming the only student to pass the examination in her school. According to the principal of the school she is the only student to pass the examination during the school's 25 year history.

She is also highly competent in English and Computer Technology taught at the CRC. She is equally talented in music and dancing. She also has won awards at sports competitions in school, and regional level athletics. She has also demonstrated her skills winning awards in Sinhala literature, religious studies as well as English and Tamil language competitions. She proudly proclaims that CRC was a great help in improving her studies. We are proud to have Sachini as part of our Arugam Bay CRC family and to see her achievements and blossoming into a well-rounded young citizen of Sri Lanka.