YPF visits a sanctuary for differently abled children, supem uyana

On the 14th of February, YPF visited Supem Uyana, a home for differently abled children in Hikkaduwa. The home is run by 7 sisters and accommodates 48 children, mostly with down's syndrome (aged 6-25 year old). In addition to basic education, music, arts and sport, children are trained in skills such as sewing and cooking so they can be of use at home when they go away for the holidays.

Although run by Christian Nuns, we visited on a poya day and it was nice to see all the Buddhist children being taken to the temple for worship by the nuns themselves.

The nuns have been gifted the land they live on by the Bishop of Galle and they manage cinnamon cultivation which helps them cover more than half of their running costs of the home. The YPF was happy to provide the home with noodels, soup packets and milk powder for 3 months, items which the children enjoy very much.