Degree of resources we have lost due to 30 year long internal conflict is incalculable. The biggest lost is the loss of human resources that could be used for the development of the country. Young men and women living in these areas have become retrogressive socially and economically due to the war. Today, the current post war era, is a period of transition for the young generation trying to find ways and means for progress. They should be provided with or exposed to development strategies suitable for the present socio-economic conditions. We trust that these young men and women could accomplish rapid development by correct utilizing of abundant natural resources in these localities. The beautiful coast line provides immense possibilities and facilities for developing and expanding the tourist industry. Increased numbers of tourists are visiting these areas and opportunities for generating income through providing accommodation, food and refreshments for them and selling indigenous handicrafts etc are available to a greater extent. Numbers of tourist hotels are being constructed in the area and it is important that these institutions are able to recruit skilled and trained staff to work for them. In order to full fill this important need we have started a hotel school in the Batticaloa in the Eastern Province. Courses in this school are free of charge. At the initial stage training on housekeeping and restaurant services are provided. Well trained instructors and latest equipment and utensils are used for the training courses. There were 250 applications for the first intake and after careful selection through interviews 70 trainees were selected for the programme. People of USA have invested approximately Rs. 10 million for this training programme to better future for the youth in these localities. The project is funded by the American Institute for International Development. These funds are utilized for the benefit of the people by DIS Management through operational contribution of the YFP. We were selected as operational partners of this massive project as a result of the confidence the USAID has with us in rendering social services in transparent and trustworthy manners during the past in disbursing funds allocated for the benefit of the needy people by them.