Hambantota district is located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, in the Southern Province. The district capital is Hambantota town; the administrative headquarters are located there as well as the centre of salt production.

The children's resource centre is a place committed to shelter the children safely and caringly. The Children's Resource Centre was inaugurated in the year 2005, in the township of Hambantota to care for children displaced due to environmental or natural hazards, social injustices and lack of means. This centre not only cared for destitute children but took the responsibility of providing them with a proper education and a sound cultural upbringing.
The major reason for starting this centre was the 2004 Asian tsunami which left hundreds of children destitute around the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Thus the charitable act so started became a focal point in social development in the area. The children's centers become not only an oasis for needy children but centers for uplifting social, cultural and educational levels of the people of the area, spreading roots among the society and forming community leaders respected by the local communities.