Our Vision

To become the primary youth organization in Sri Lanka and to empower and mobilize young people to foster positive change through education, training, life skills coaching and mentoring.


Our Mission

To build an inter connected network of Children's Resource Centres throughout Sri Lanka with special emphasis on English and IT literacy; to provide education and life skills coaching to young people who lack basic education, infrastructure and skills to get ahead in the modern world. We aim to provide these disadvantaged children and youth with a strong educational foundation to ensure a promising future.

Our Story

The Youth progressive Foundation (YPF) is a public service organization based in Sri Lanka. The CRC initially evolved when children were left in destitute conditions after the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004 and now caters for those children affected by the ethnic conflict that ravaged the country for close to 30 years. We currently run a variety of programs for children and youth, with great efficiency, transparency and care. The Youth Progressive Foundation hopes to be identified in the long term as an organization for positive economic and social change in the country.

The Youth Progressive Foundation together with The Foundation of Goodness have successfully rolled out two Village Heart Beat Projects in the Eastern region of Sri Lanka. The Village Heartbeat Program is specially designed to inspire and empower disadvantaged communities in rural areas, so that they may have equal opportunities to excel in their lives, with skills that will enable them to develop to their full potential. Our two centers, situated within the towns on Thirukkovil and Batticaloa carry out a number of empowerment programs. Some of these programs include English and IT curriculums for children and entrepreneurship development programs such as dressmaking and cookery for women. All our programs are free of charge, taught by qualified teachers and volunteers and are open to all who wish to attend from the surrounding village area.

Our Team

YPF is formed by a team of young, motivated people from diverse fields and backgrounds who have joined together to pursue a shared goal, that of improving the condition and prospects of the younger generations.